Sunday, September 17, 2000

Hola my dear friends! I'm so happy to be here again presenting another wonderful Crystal Lacquer project. I hope you have fun making these wonderful charms . The imagination is a wonderful key let go ahead and start opening the door to the world of ART,


Gloriann Irizarry

Time Gears SAKURA ® Gem Craft Kit Charm

Materials are very simple

1 SAKURA ® Gem Craft Kit

Many Gears

A face watch parts of your choice And your imagination

Start by creating the background for your piece.

I used black SAKURA ® swirls then added my favorites the cooper tones .

I accent my piece with a little of silver here and there.

Let it dry over night.

Once dry I use a little of the clear SAKURA® to the piece to secure the gears in place

Here is the fun part. Use your imagination to arrange the piece how ever your heart desired.

Once you have it ready and love the arrangement go ahead and covered completely with the 3D Crystal SAKURA ® all over the
jewelry finding.

let it dry over night add a Jump ring and a ribbon or chain of your choice. Now is ready to wear proudly!