Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Video with Terri Sproul

This was a fun technique to do. I hope you enjoy and think out of the box.

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Terri Sproul
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Bloom Crystal Lacquer Pendant

Crystal Lacquer is an amazing product - it's only limited to your imagination! For this project, I used
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Rectangular Glass Tile from Sakura Hobby Craft
  • Fine Clear Glitter
  • Silver Adhesive Backed Metal Tape
  • Rhinestone Tape
  • Scraps of scrapbooking paper
I began by placing my glass tile on different pieces of scrapbooking paper, trying to find an interesting image for the pendant. I liked the way the word 'bloom' looked traveling up the side of the tile, so I put several dots of Crystal Lacquer on the tile and "smooshed" it onto the paper. You want to make sure to use enough Crystal Lacquer so that it forms a nice smooth layer that covers the entire image and just starts to squish out. I let this dry overnight and cut around the tile right up to the edge - giving it a nice clean look.

I wrapped silver metal tape around the tile to give a chunkier look and it also looks as if it has a soldered frame around it. Then I used a tiny bead of Crystal Lacquer to adhere a strip of rhinestones around the entire tile. I actually cut up a rhinestone bling frame that I had to get the strip of rhinestones. I let this dry for several hours before continuing on.

Hint: There is a right and wrong side to the tiles. There is a slight texture to the back side -
the side that you are going to adhere an image for it to show through to the front.

I wanted to add a floral accent to the front of the pendant and choose a small violet flower from my stash. I gave it a coat of Crystal Lacquer and sprinkled it with fine glitter while it was still wet and set it aside to dry. I also added a little floral accent to the back of the pendant - just for fun:) It was also given a coat of Crystal Lacquer and glitterd and set aside to dry.

Note: I had put a thin layer of Crystal Lacquer on the entire back before adding the floral accent.

To complete my project - the violet was adhered to the front of the glass tile and I added a silver bail to the back. It was very fun to create and I hope you enjoyed this project!

Till next time - stay creative!

For more information about Crystal Lacquer products, please visit www.sakuracraft.com
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gem Particle Jewelry

I’m finding that Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer combines with many elements such as beads, glitter, microbeads. These jewelry projects paired crystal lacquer and gem particles. These gem particles are a cross between tiny mica chips and chunky glitter. They are available from Sakura Hobby Craft in three iridescent colors: blue flash, raspberry, and peacock green. Gem Particles

I chose four different jewelry findings—silver oval earrings, black round pendant, black rectangular pendant, and a goldtone rectangular ring. My first challenge was finding a way to support the ring finding so the surface would remain flat while the lacquer dried. A bit of rummaging through my studio turned up a small button vial and seed beads, which did the trick.

I was able to embed the ring part of the find in the beads, leaving the top exposed.

Ring Support

Ring in Support

To make the jewelry pieces, I sprinkled a fine layer of gem particles in the bottom of the finding. For the black pendants I used a combination of all three gem particle colors. For the earrings I used blue flash, and for the ring I used blue flash and raspberry particles.

The next step was to fill the finding with crystal lacquer. I used clear on all but the ring. For that I used the lightest pink from the Crystal Lacquer Glitter Primary set. As with all crystal lacquer projects, the hardest part is the last step: waiting for the project to dry!!

Here’s a peek at my results. Rectangle PendantI’ve got to tell you, they look so much better up close and personal.Round PendantThey really sparkle like gems, but capturing that sparkle and shine in a photo is really hard.Earrings-Close Up

You can see more of my projects the Create & Craft site.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keeping It Simple

This week, I kept things very simple; however, I have included a bonus project.

I had very few pieces of the Sakura Glass Tiles left; however, I wanted to try stamping on the back of one. I used this small butterfly stamp and StazOn Ink. It was a bit of a challenge to photograph.
I liked how the piece looked against this light pink background (almost translucent), so I glued it down using the 3D Crystal Lacquer. I glued it first and then cut around the edges after it had dried.

To turn it into a pendant, I used the Crystal Lacquer to attach this darling Heart Bail. I also covered the back with a thick layer of the Crystal Lacquer - to protect the paper from future damage. The ball chain is also from Sakura Craft.

And that's it! Pretty simple. And here is your bonus item.

Several weeks ago when we were playing with the round jewelry findings, I filled one with the Red Crystal Lacquer. Once it dried, I stamped on top of it and then filled the finding with a thick layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I was trying to fit this round piece in something else and it wouldn't fit. When I was sorting through stuff for my garage sale, I found this key and knew it would be the perfect match.

I have strung it on a waxed cord and added a small decorative bead at the top.

Keep on exploring your own Creative Soul.

Heather Morrow

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Color Lacquer Votives

I had an idea to use Crystal Color Lacquer on these glass Votives a while back, I tried it freehand, as an Easter project, but I didn't like the way it came out, because of my poor freehand skills.  So I did a different project.  These outline stickers got me so excited to try again, and the results were even better than I expected.
What I used: 
glass votive globes from the craft store, outline stickers, 
The process is fairly simply.  Stick the stickers on the glass, in whatever design pleases you.  I wanted to use some of the larger stickers but the roundness of the votive bulbs made it easier to use the medium and smaller shaped stickers, they are more forgiving, and make sure you smooth them down.
 Next paint them in with the Color Lacquer, YAY COLORING!!  I used the all the colors in both sets, Metallic with the Gold Stickers to emulate faberge, or enamel.  Then the Primary colors on the black outline stickers, which has a nice stained glass effect.  Then let dry, add a tea light and enjoy!
I am thrilled with the result, they are both completely different.  I think they are a perfect addition to the summer garden I just planted.  Tres romantique!  
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick buttons with Crystal Lacquer

                               project posted by Cheryl Lindsay at Cherlin-ink.blogspot.com

This project requires clear (flat) acrylic buttons, Crystal Lacquer and any paper of your choice.

Lay your paper down right side up, put a drop or so on your paper and place the clear button on top.

Move the button around a little to make sure it is cover with the Crystal Lacquer and move it to the exact part of the paper you want your button to be.  I do several at a time and give them time to dry, if you can be especially patient over night would be the best.  When the lacquer is dry cut around the button right along the edge of the button.  If too much of the paper shows you can use a file to clean the edges.  Use a paper piercer to punch the holes in the center.  These look great on cards, layouts and even jewelry.
On these buttons I used Graphic 45 Steam punk paper.

This button is an experiment I really like.  I put the original paper down and after it dried I put it under water and rubber away some of the paper until the button was opaque. Steam punk  When the button was dry I did the same process with a second piece of paper and another layer of Crystal Lacquer. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monkeying Around

Today I want to share with you a simple way to use the Sakura Hobby Craft colored Crystal Lacquer as a simple accent to one of your stamped images.

I used two of Memory Box Stamps from their At the Zoo Line, the Running Monkey and Balloon Bundle. I stamped them on cream card-stock in a brown ink. I then used the Country Red, Country Blue and Jade Green Crystal Color Lacquer's to fill in the Balloons.

I then colored in the monkey with a brown colored pencil and stippled around the image with blue ink. I then assembled the card.

Hope you enjoyed!

The Stamp Addict

Friday, May 13, 2011

Let the Sun(flower) Shine!

I have to say that I love this card! Spring here on the mountain has been a little like winter - with cloudy windy weather and even a few snow flurry this week! Crazy! This card represents spring and the flora and fauna that comes with it including big, giant yellow sunflowers!

The sunflower and bee were enhanced with 3D Crystal Lacquer and Crystal Color Lacquer by Sakura Craft. I used the Crystal Color Lacquer (in green and yellow) to fill in the petals and outline some of the leaf veins on a sunflower diecut (from my stash by K & Co.). It added a shimmery and bright accent that really makes it pop. You can see the glitter from the diecut shine through the crystal lacquer.
I used the fine applicator tip (this handy little tool is a must!) on my bottle of 3D Crystal Lacquer to cover the body of the bee diecut (also from K & Co.). The applicator tip makes it a snap to fill in tiny areas.
Both diecuts were dried overnight after the application of the crystal lacquer before I assembled the card. I used bazzill cardstock for the base of the card and a scrap from my stash(a Donna Salazar paper), which was distressed using my Tim Holtz paper distressing tool and Vintage Photo distress ink.
Sakura Craft has these awesome Glass Tiles that are SO versatile!
I glued one of the small rectangular glass tiles on the front of my card over the word "dream" that I had written, using crystal lacquer and glued the little bee on top of the tile. The sunflower was attached to the card with pop-dots to give it a little dimension.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour - Thanks for checking out my project!
You can find more info about these amazing products at www.sakuracraft.com
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outline Stickers Meet Crystal Lacquer

Outline stickers and Sakura Hobby Craft 3D Crystal Lacquer are a marriage made in heaven. I’ve been having so much fun with these two products. One projects just seem to lead to another—with no end in sight!!

Since I’m always into jewelry, this first project came quite naturally. For my butterfly pin I adhered a black outline sticker from Sparkraft Enterprises onto heavy cardstock and fussy cut around the sticker. Then, the fun part–decorating each segment with colored 3D Crystal Lacquer. After the lacquer dried I used clear crystal lacquer to set the rhinestones along each wing. Because Sakura crystal lacquer remains flexible when it’s dry I was able to gently shape the wings before adhering a pin finding to the back to the butterfly.

Butterfly PIn

My next project is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments—a 3D angel. I cut the angel from white cardstock using Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software and my Cricut Personal.


Next I embellished the scallops of the angel’s hem with Sparkraft outline stickers. I added a bead of colored crystal lacquer to the center of each sticker and a accentuated her halo with gold metallic crystal lacquer.


The angel comes to life when you bring the right and left sides together and hold in place with brads. Here’s the SVG file for the angel. Have fun embellishing her with 3D Crystal Lacquer!


My last project was a suncatcher. I measured the outline sticker and cut a piece of acetate allowing half inch margins on each side. I adhered the sticker to the front of the acetate and applied colored 3D crystal lacquer to the reverse side of the acetate. I pierced a hole in the top center of the suncatcher for a length of transparent fishline to suspend this ornament on one of my studio windows.


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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clowning Around, Part Duex

Okay, I'll admit that I am a bit enamored with the Graphic 45 Le Cirque Collection; however, when I started the project - I intended for it to be more of a sliding puzzle - where you move the boxes around to create or jumble up an image. I had been sent these glass tiles along with jewelry findings to create my latest Design Team project from Sakura Craft.

I was on the hunt for a small box and found this in my basket of scraps. It was packaging from some sort of device - I don't remember, but now I had a box and the tiles puzzle idea was evolving as I started thinking outside the box in order to create "Controlled Mayhem to Dazzle & Delight."

I started by covering the box in the LeCirque Collection paper. I tried to match up images where I could, as I turned the corners. To glue the pieces down to the box, I used Clear 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I then used the 3D Crystal Lacquer to glue the different sizes of glass tiles to the tag images.

After the Crystal Lacquer had dried, I used trimming scissors to cut closely around the edges of the tiles.
Then the fun part -- creating a layout in the box that told a story. I placed everything in position before I began gluing the pieces or using pop-dots to secure them to the box.

The final product hanging on my dining room wall. The tag hanging on the ring was a last minute whimsical addition.

I really enjoyed putting this project together --as it continued to evolve from what I had originally envisioned. The glass tiles are very easy to work with; however, if you get too much 3D Crystal Lacquer on the tile, it can slide off your image. Less is definitely more in this case.

Have fun creating!
Heather Morrow

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Keepsakes

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday I decided to make some nostalgic necklaces with Sakura Craft's awesome products.

 I'm making gifts for my mom and for my stepmom.  The first one is for my mom, it's a photo we recently came across of my grandmother when she was 19 or 20. I shrunk it down to the right size to fit my Glass Pendant, printed it on cardstock and cut it out.
 I used a few small dots of Clear 3D Crystal Lacquer on the front of the picture and placed the Glass Pendant on top, make sure you get any bubbles out, you don't need a lot of the Lacquer for it to stay, just make sure you get the edges.  I also cut some pretty paper the same size as the picture and stuck that to the back, just so I didn't have the plain white cardstock on the back.
Then I used the Lacquer to adhere some paper flowers, my grandmother LOVED flowers, and a rhinestone in the center.  I attached a white brass Bail to the back with Lacquer and threaded my Chain through and VOILA!!
For the second one I chose a writing theme, my stepmom is a writer.  I chose an image from G45's Communique tags and trimmed it to fit the Glass Pendant, the same as I did for my mom's.
I attached the bail to the back of the whole pendant, and I threaded a neat charm of a victorian lady's hand on the chain as well to add to the personality.

I love the way they both came out, and they couldn't be easier!  I love the way these glass pendants and chains make jewelry making so personal and unique. I am always looking for something with a "how did you do that" factor and these are definitely that!
Hope you like these ideas, feel free to share thoughts and comments below.  For more ideas and inspiration check out my blog Whimsykins