Friday, March 2, 2012

Daisy 3D Crystal Lacquer Earrings

By Amanda Marks

Welcome to my first Design Team post for Sakura Hobby Craft!  I am extremely excited to be apart of this amazing team.  This is an extremely easy project but the drying time is 12-48 hours so I would allow a couple days to make these.

Silicone Mold
3D Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixer - Glitz Effects - Vintage Glass Particles - Purple
6 Seed Beads
2 Jump Rings
2 Fish Hook Earrings
Round pliers
1.  Take 3D Crystal Lacquer and squeeze it into the mold.

2.  Scoop the Vintage Glass Particles into the 3D Crystal Lacquer.  Push the particles down.  The particles will sink to the bottom of the mold.  Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve you may want to do it in layers.  Allow to dry for 12-48 hours depending on the mold size.

 3.  Un-mold piece trim away any excess dried lacquer.  Using a pin or a craft pick poke a hole for a jump ring.  Add jump ring and beads.

4.  Add fish hook earring to the jump ring.


  1. Cute, easy and very customizable. Great job.

  2. Love the color... amazing color from the beads and glitter in the lacquer!

  3. Breath taking! Love how you did this great work!