Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick and Easy Crystal Lacquer Charms

I'm sharing with you today 2 quick and easy charms ideas. Gift giving season is quickly approaching and with a bottle of 3D Crystal Lacquer, a package or 2 of Glass Tiles, Bales and Ball Chain Necklaces and a little imagination you can pretty much take care of several gifts in just a short amount of time.
For this first charm, I applied a thing layer of Crystal Color Lacquer on the back of the glass tile. The glass tiles DO have a right and wrong side. The back has a slight texture to it and isn't as shiny. I let this dry overnight. For the initial - I used a permanent black marker on white cardstock, let it dry and used Crystal Lacquer to glue the tile (colored side down) over the initial. Again I let this dry overnight, then trimmed around the glass tile. On the back, I glued some typed words and gave it a coat of Crystal Lacquer....let that dry and added the bale.
For this second charm, I stamped an image onto the back of the Glass Tile and used Crystal Lacquer to glue the tile onto printed scrapbooking paper. After it was dry, I trimmed around the edges and wrapped metal foil tape around it to give it a soldered look. I added some printed words on the back and gave it a good coat of Crystal Lacquer. When it had dried overnight, I added the bale.
String the completed charms on a ball chain necklace and ta da!
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Until next time......stay creative!


  1. Gorgeous! They will make great gifts for Christmas or birthdays!

  2. Very nice Terri! I really like them both.

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