Friday, August 3, 2012

Butterfly Wish Box

A while back I started playing with a wooden box, Terri Spoul Mixers and 3D Crystal Lacquer.  I really wasn't pleased with how it was turning out so I put it away for a couple months.

That was the show I did regarding the box.  After a couple of months in hiding I went through and pulled it back out.  I decided to go all out flowers, glitter, butterfly punches and a Zentangled top.  I decided to make a Butterfly Wish Box for my daughter.

Wooden Box
Terri Sproul Mixers:  Tanzanite Shimmer and Pearl, Garnet Pearl, Copper and Violet Shimmer
3D Crystal Lacquer
Ultra Fine Glitter
HOTP 3D Flower Template
Mini Bottle Cap
Fiskars® Butterfly Punch
Ultra Fine Bic® Mark-It - Purple
Tissue Paper
Staz-On Black Ink

1.  Mix lacquer and Tanzanite Mixer together.  Take brush and apply the tissue paper to the box.  Cover completely with tissue paper.  Allow to dry.

2.  Stencil and/or stamp images to the box.

3.  Create flower, cover flower with lacquer mixer.  Add glitter to the top of the box.  Allow to dry.  Punch out butterflies paint with lacquer mixture.  Once dry attach to the front of the box.

4.  Take Bic Mark-it and Zentangle the top of the box.  All of the patterns I used came from HERE - Tangle Patterns.

5.  Finish the inside of the box with mixtures or with fabric.

6.  Add strips of blank paper so it can be filled with wishes.  Give to a special little girl and tell her it is her Wishing Box!

Corner View of the box

Front view of the box

Top of the box

Inside of the box

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