Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tube Bead bracelet

Today I bring to you a fun and easy jewelry project that you can make with remnant pieces of scrapbook paper, your Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer, some matching ink, some large-holed accent beads, and some hemp twine.  I hope you enjoy my project.
I love paper! Love it! I will buy at least 2 sheets of a particular pattern when I'm scrapbook paper shopping [or even when I'm not shopping for paper and it just reaches out and grabs me]. If it's particularly choice I will often buy 6 or more sheets so I can have it around me for several projects. As I work on the projects I will hoard the scraps--something I would not normally do to "plain old" paper.
This new Mechanic paper from the new Craftsman Collection from Prima I just can't get enough of. I love the deep blues and red-rusts in it and find myself holding on to the scraps. This paper would be perfect for a simple bracelet that could work for both a guy or a girl!

The method

for this project you will need
Hemp Twine
large holed beads
13-15 paper strips cut 1"×5"
1 paper strip cut ¾"×5"
matching ink
bamboo skewer for rolling paper
brush and Emory  board

I roll the strips on the bamboo skewer--creating a large hole for stringing. I glue the flap closed with the lacquer and then brush on a thin coat of lacquer to create a shiny finish to the bead.
Once all the beads are dried, I sand the ends to even up the paper and ink them to remove the harsh white edge.
I start with 2 yards of hemp. I fold it in half, knot a small loop on the fold and thread a large hold bead with both strings. When I get near to the loop I take both ends of the hemp and run the thread back through the hole the same direction--it creates the thread pattern on the outside to the bead AND keeps the bead from slipping through the knot. Stiffening the ends of the string with Crystal Lacquer also helps in the threading process. 
After 3 large holed beads, I added on the paper beads threading on string through the bead left to right and the other string right to left--so that the strings cross in the bead and the ends come out either end of the hole. The rest of the paper beads are attached in the same manner.
After all the paper beads are added to get the desired length, the large holed beads are added again to match the beginning of the bracelet. Finally the ¾" bead is added as before and then knots are created at each opening and the ends are then coated with lacquer and tucked back into the holes.

Thank you for looking! ~leslierahye

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  1. This is a great idea! What a lovely way to use up those GORGEOUS scraps of Prima paper - and making them a fashion statement! Thanks for THINKING GREEN!!!