Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Candy Tin

Valentine Candy Tin - Sakura DT

It has been a while since I've been around here. A lot has been going on. Mostly the horrid flu has hit my house and had my son and I out of commission for 7 days!
Then when he was able to go back to school it was makeup work EVERY night, one night I had to help him study for 4 tests and somehow he pulled through with all A's.
Smart 12 year old. :)

Well I made this tin into a Valentine theme tin. I still need to buy the Hershey nugget candy and put "wrappers" around them to make it totally complete which I plan on doing closer to Valentine's Day and giving it to my son (he's 12) along with something else to give to his girlfriend even though he tried to tell me he wasn't giving her anything for a made up holiday. LOL.
Told him he better wait until marriage to try to pull that one.

This isn't the best picture. I tried to do it different ways to get the beauty of it but because the tin has a clear cover there is a glare that makes it look like there are double hearts in the picture and I took it without a flash. I even put paper in the bottom but I hope you get the general idea.

It really is beautiful in person.
And can't wait til I put the candy in there as well.


Tin with a clear window

 3D Crystal Lacquer - Primary Colors
(These are awesome!)

Tear Drops by The Robin's Nest
Helmar Quick Dry Glue


1. Take the red and draw a heart with it. The 3D Lacquer colors are so easy to use and can use them like a pen to draw out your creation. Then fill it in slowly or else on the "film" of the tin it wants to run.

2. Then get various colors and draw squiggly lines next to it.

3. Follow up with putting some Helmar glue on tear drops and put them on the squiggly lines for great accents.

4. To really finish it off you can then cover up Hershey nuggets and put them in the tin.

I can't wait to try the set on glass. The effect it gives looks so neat in person. But be sure if you want to use more than one color close to each other that you allow the first one to dry.

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