Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Valentine made with Sakura 3D Crystal Color Lacquer

I enjoy making cards of all types and I really had fun making this simple Valentine with Want2Scrap outlines and the fun to use Sakura 3D Crystal Color Lacquer. Here’s what I started with:
IMG_1559                  IMG_1560
Once you peel off the design and place it on the paper, it’s just so easy to fill in with the Sakura 3D Color Lacquer! The Lacquer comes in easy to use tubes and you just squeeze out what you need. The lines contain the Lacquer and it doesn’t overrun. Once I finished the flowers in the center, I attached more small flowers that I then filled in with the Lacquer and then punched out a couple of hearts out of some blingy paper and here you have it:
IMG_1562             IMG_1563                                          IMG_1565
This Valentine turned out very nice and I’ve got just the friend to send it to! I hope your Valentine’s Day is a sweet one! You might want to try the Sakura 3D Crystal Color Lacquer on your Valentine cards to make some quick and beautiful ones.