Monday, February 18, 2013

CD Case Gift Card Holder

CD Case Gift Card Holder
I decided to make a gift card holder out of this cd case. I figured you could not only put a gift card in there but also a special cd that you make for the person as well if you like.
An accordian album would fit nicely in there with a gift card as well.
This picture was taken while it was still drying. I went to use some of the 3D Lacquer to add a dew drop and when I went to pour I didn't realize I took the WHOLE lid off and a whole bunch of glue went everywhere. The project had been complete minus the dew drop and dried beforehand. I guess that is what I get for last minute additions. :)

(I couldn't tell you all the colors because some of the pieces were made a while back and felt they went along with this project so I added them.)
(Used this on the bottom piece of the cupcake!)
CD Case
Cookie Cutter
Molds (I used Martha Stewart for the cupcake and the bow)
The Robin's Nest Dew Drop
Add mixer to 3D lacquer and dab it on the cd case.
Then add all your pieces you made in molds.
(It's very easy to pour the 3D Crystal Lacquer into a mold and some mixer, doesn't take much, but depending on the depth of the mold you may need to let it dry up for longer than 24 hours)
The heart was cut out with a cookie cutter.
And due to the spillage of the lacquer I had to fill in the heart with a color mixer.
And added a dew drop to the top of the larger heart that was made in a mold.
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