Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Crystal Lacquer Treasure Chest

Treasure chest with jewels 3 (800x626)
I got a cute treasure chest charm on a chain and thought it would be fun to put some Crystal Lacquer treasure into it.

Here’s the charm:
Treasure chest (800x600)
It opens up like this:
Treasure chest open (800x600)
I partially filled the chest with clear Crystal Lacquer.  I added some gold Crystal Lacquer with one of Sakura’s Pen Style Applicators
Treasure chest with Crystal Lacquer (800x547)
Then I sprinkled gold glitter over that.
Treasure chest with glitter (800x600)
When the Crystal Lacquer started to set up, I shook off the extra glitter, then added some “jewels” with the other Pen Style Applicators.  Finally, I added some crystal clear glitter while the “jewels” were still wet.
Treasure chest with jewels 2 (600x800)
Won’t this be fun for a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean to wear?  Or for Barbie on a hunt for buried treasure? 

I hope this will inspire you to transform plain objects into something special!

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  1. Love it Karen what a great and cute idea!

  2. Oh Karen, this is LOVELY! What a cute little treasure chest! THANKS ever so much for sharing!

  3. This is adorable, what a great use for the Sakura products. Well done!