Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zentangled Pendants!

Hello everyone from sunny San Diego!

When Sakura Hobby Crafts sent me the jewelry findings in my goodie box my mind instantly thought of Zentangle. I had never Zentangled in such a small space but thought it would be a great challenge for me and one I definitely wanted to try! For those who don't know about Zentangle you might want to check out the official Zentangle website once you are done checking out today's blogpost here!

Anyway, I decided to use a black 005 Micron pen because it can draw in such fine detail and the color won't change over time or with exposure to the sun, which with a jewelry pendant can happen! I cut out pieces of smooth paper that would fit inside the pendant pieces. I used a pencil to outline the outside of the pendant on the paper then cut on the inside of the lines and had very little trimming to do to get the pieces to fit. I do suggest that you not put the pieces all the way into the pendant until you are ready to use the crystal lacquer in the final step. Otherwise you might crinkle a corner trying to get it back out! (Just trust me on this one! wink wink)

So then I Zentangled my design on the small pieces of paper, did some shading with a soft lead pencil and we were ready for the crystal lacquer!

Another hint, put a little crystal lacquer on the bottom of the inside of the finding, a very thin layer and put the piece of paper inside and let it dry for a bit before filling the entire finding with the crystal lacquer.

Then you fill the entire finding and set it aside to dry. You will know when it is dry because you will see your artwork clearly....the crystal lacquer looks cloudy when you 1st put it in.

I left mine sit overnight so I am not sure exactly how long it took to dry. You can also use a pin to pop any bubbles that are in the lacquer if any appear when you fill the finding. Pop them right away or bring them to the surface and pop them, otherwise you will have bubbles of air once the lacquer dries....a neat effect, but not if that wasn't what you were aiming for!

I hope you like the pendants! I sure had fun making them!!!

Jennifer - The Stamp Addict
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  1. I love Zentangles! These pendants are just so amazing!I would love to give this a try and I do believe I will as soon as time permits. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial.

    Hugs XX

  2. Jennifer - I love these! I think I might have to give this a try for sure! Great tutorial!

  3. Such a great use of Zentagle!!!

  4. Oh beautiful! The Crystal Lacquer really makes the black pop!