Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crystal Lacquer and Outline Stickers

Hello again from sunny San Diego! For this blogpost I decided to try using an outline sticker as a boundary from Sparkraft Enterprises, Inc. for the Colored Crystal Lacquers from Sakura Hobby Craft. I was really happy with the results I got, I hope you like the card as well.

I started by peeling the outline of the design sticker off the main sheet carefully to make sure it didn't rip or get distorted as it came off the sheet! I then carefully placed the sticker on my sheet of cardstock. I put the middle section of the sticker down first and press outward with my finger to make sure the image goes down on the paper without distorting.

Next I started filling in the different outlined areas with different colored crystal lacquers.

Then to add some dimension and variation to the flower sections I took a toothpick and added a second color of crystal lacquer to the first color. You need to do this while the 1st color is still wet.

Then I set the piece aside to dry. Initially when I decided on the paper to use for this project I wanted to see if I could get some shimmer to show up in the colored area so I selected a shimmer cardstock. Once the piece dried, I was very happy to see that the shimmer really showed through the Colored Crystal Lacquer! For the last step with this card I layered my piece onto another sheet of a different colored shimmer paper. I hope you like the card!

If you want to see my other work check out my blog at The Stamp Addict Blog. Thanks and I will see you again here real soon!

The Stamp Addict


  1. What a great way to use our new stickers....I can't wait to play with them!

  2. Love this idea. Great color choose too!

  3. Nice, Jen! I sure love Crystal Lacquer!

  4. Beautiful work! The Crystal Lacquer in colors is so very pretty.

    Hugs XX