Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sakura Design Team submission May 4, 2011

by Cheryl Lindsay

Great Gift Idea
remember Mothers Day is Sunday May 8th

This Necklace/Pendant is constructed completely from Sakura Products. Glass, bail, crystal lacquer and ball chain all from Sakura Hobby Crafts

I added some ear ring hooks with jump rings. However these could also be worn on a necklace.

All Photos are from Paperwimsy.com
I love the old look of the photos. You can
use any photo you choose. With personal
photos make copies first.

Choose a photo and one of the many Sakura glass sizes. This technique is quick and easy...all you need is PATIENCE. Put your photo down on a non-stick surface and cover lightly with Crystal lacquer and use it to adhere the glass on top. Move the glass around a little to make sure the entire surface of the photo is covered and there are no bubbles (although with all my experiences with Crystal lacquer doesn't bubble)

Now the most difficult part....let it dry completely, I suggest overnight....although it dries quickly don't take any chances. Once dry, cut around the photo close to the glass as possible. Attach one of the bails to the back and give this some time to dry. Once dry you can hang it from one of Sakura's beautiful ball chain or ear ring hooks and your gift is ready to give or wear.


  1. Great project Cheryl and I love the vintage images!

  2. Love love love it! Great Vintage images!