Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Bloom Crystal Lacquer Pendant

Crystal Lacquer is an amazing product - it's only limited to your imagination! For this project, I used
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Rectangular Glass Tile from Sakura Hobby Craft
  • Fine Clear Glitter
  • Silver Adhesive Backed Metal Tape
  • Rhinestone Tape
  • Scraps of scrapbooking paper
I began by placing my glass tile on different pieces of scrapbooking paper, trying to find an interesting image for the pendant. I liked the way the word 'bloom' looked traveling up the side of the tile, so I put several dots of Crystal Lacquer on the tile and "smooshed" it onto the paper. You want to make sure to use enough Crystal Lacquer so that it forms a nice smooth layer that covers the entire image and just starts to squish out. I let this dry overnight and cut around the tile right up to the edge - giving it a nice clean look.

I wrapped silver metal tape around the tile to give a chunkier look and it also looks as if it has a soldered frame around it. Then I used a tiny bead of Crystal Lacquer to adhere a strip of rhinestones around the entire tile. I actually cut up a rhinestone bling frame that I had to get the strip of rhinestones. I let this dry for several hours before continuing on.

Hint: There is a right and wrong side to the tiles. There is a slight texture to the back side -
the side that you are going to adhere an image for it to show through to the front.

I wanted to add a floral accent to the front of the pendant and choose a small violet flower from my stash. I gave it a coat of Crystal Lacquer and sprinkled it with fine glitter while it was still wet and set it aside to dry. I also added a little floral accent to the back of the pendant - just for fun:) It was also given a coat of Crystal Lacquer and glitterd and set aside to dry.

Note: I had put a thin layer of Crystal Lacquer on the entire back before adding the floral accent.

To complete my project - the violet was adhered to the front of the glass tile and I added a silver bail to the back. It was very fun to create and I hope you enjoyed this project!

Till next time - stay creative!

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