Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 This is Sakura's Tin Box, approximately 4 3/4"Lx5 3/4"Wx1/2"D, just the right size to carry your latest 'Brag Photos' in.  And now it is my 'Monet's Water Lily Brag Tin'. Again, so easy to make. Before we get started, below is a close-up view of a section showing dimension.

A close-up view
Supply List:
     Sakura 3-D Crystal Lacquer, Pastel Crystal Color Laquer and Tin Box ~ Design Paper ~ Crystal Bling (I used a Pink one)
     Scissors ~ Large Corner Rounder, or use scissors ~ Ruler ~ Pencil

  Step 1.  Cut and round corners of Paper to fit top of Tin.

Step 2.  Create Round Disks using Crystal Color Lacquer (I used Transparent Pastel).  I placed
coins next to disks to show approximate size.  Let dry and when dry remove from Teflon Craft Sheet.

 Step 3.  Adhere Paper to top of Tin using 3-D Crystal Lacquer. I then had some fun (as if I hadn't    been having fun to this point) and added Color Lacquer to the Design matching the
 brush strokes. While this is drying, 
Cut Colored Disks, as shown, into spiral strand leaving a small base in the center.

 Step 4.  Take outside end and Roll the spiral strand to form a very small Flower. Take
a small amount of 3-D Crystal Lacquer, apply to Center Base and secure Flower.  
(I made Three Flowers for this project).
Step 5.  Adhere Flowers and Bling (if you decide to use) onto Paper,
then Cover entire Top of Tin with a coat of 3-D Crystal Lacquer. Let dry and repeat 
until desired appearance is achieved.  After it dries completely fill with a few of your
latest-greatest photos and BRAG, don't forget to brag about making the Brag Tin as well.

An example of various Design Papers I perused before selecting the one I used for this project.  
Hope you enjoy exploring all the beautiful papers out there and don't forget to check your archives, that's where I found all my wonderful papers.  Below, even more ideas on using 3-D Crystal Lacquer flowers.

Happy creating and keep smiling, Carol

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