Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glitzy Crystal Lacquer Christmas Trees

Tis The Season 
Christmas Train

I began with a package of sisal trees made by Darice. I found them at Michaels for $1.99. Lowes and Michaels also, have a 21 pack with larger size trees for $21.00.
Bleaching Trees

Step 1:  Start by filling a jar
with straight bleach. Place
the trees in upside down, and
closed the lid (I left them between 10 to 20 mins).  The longer you leave them the whiter they get.

Step 2: Once the trees are bleached enough, I used tongs to remove them and rinsed them under cold water, and allowed them to dry on a towel.

Step 1: This part was so exciting to me because of the endless color possibilities.  The bleached sisal trees LOVE Outside The Margins
Color Mists (they soaked 
them right up).
Step 1A: While the tree is
still wet sprinkle extra fine iridescent glimmer dust
(this particular fine glitter will stick to anything wet) then allowed the trees to dry in a warm area.  *Caution- if you use a heat gun to speed up the drying process, make sure you keep it moving or else you will have a charred tree.


Decorating Trees

Step 2:  Next using a nylon throw away brush and of course Sakura's 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Step 2 Continued:  brush
3D Crystal Lacquer 
heavily onto the tree.
As another option, after the glitter has dried on the tree, you can lightly brush white gesso onto the tips of the tree branches to give it a snowy look then sprinkle again with
extra fine iridescent
 glimmer dust 

Step 3:  While the tree is still
wet  with the Crystal Lacquer sprinkled glitter onto the tree.

To color the above trio of
trees I used the following 
Color Mists colors: 
Margarita Magenta, Sterling Silver and Lime Jello.

Variation 2


Step 1:  Start by squeezing
a thick line of 3D Crystal Lacquer onto a piece of
plastic and roll your tree
around in it.
Step 2:  Next using a plastic spoon heavily sprinkle the
tree with a *glitter mixture.
(*I mixed several different types of glitters in a dish along with tiny seed and crystals beads)
Step 3: Shake off any
excess glitter mixture and
allow it to dry.
Step 4:  Using 3D Crystal Lacquer apply it in specific spots on your tree and adhere your choice of individual beads (I chose faux freshwater pearls and crystal beads for this tree).
Step 5:  This next step got me very excited again because I lightly sprinkled  Sakura's  Raspberry Iridescent Particles over the
tree that was still wet with
Crystal Lacquer and it
looks amazingly like tiny
Here's my finished Glitzy
Crystal Lacquer Tree.
(I must warn you these trees are addicting with all the endless possibilities of decorating they have.)
Here's an close-up shot of  three tiny trees that I colored using a combination of Margarita Magenta and Tahoe Turquoise Color Mists.
Here they are on my latest Artist Trading Block.
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  1. What a great project. The trees are so pretty!
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