Monday, December 19, 2011

Reduce... reuse... REPURPOSE!

My husband jokes that if it isn't nailed down, it isn't safe! I can't say I agree... but, I certainly won't deny those allegations either!

The color Lacquer package... it's so strong! So sturdy, and thick, I just can't imagine throwing it away. So I didn't! I repurposed it! Created a snow globe of sorts!

I love Mo Manning's snowman and knew I wanted to do something with him. The 'tree' is from Making Memories, it was part of their Mistletoe collection a year or two ago. I gave the tree a good coat of Crystal Lacquer and added some Peacock Green gem particles. Once dry, I added 'ornaments' by using a variety of colored lacquer.  The snow is flower soft, and the snowman was colored with Copics. Then of course, I tied it off with a big, beautiful bow!

Now I can use my packaging as a tag on a gift bag! I'd love to see how you recycle your packaging!


  1. Wow! I love this!! I save everything, including those types of packages...and now I have something to do with them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are a woman after my own interests! I have just done the same! Mine is in my blog with different packaging though.

  3. I love doing stuff like that. I have one I made a few years ago for my BF - you can put stuff on the outside & the inside too. The one for my BF made a perfect double shaker box. I quilled some paper for one part and had confetti for the other part.


  4. How sweet is that! I too love to reuse these packaging. I am so glad Joe let me know about you, Im a new follower.