Monday, March 4, 2013

CD Magic

Hi, Lea here!  This is my first post for Sakura Hobby Crafts, but not my first works and other blog posts working with 3D Crystal Lacquer.  I look forward to sharing ideas and art to help motivate your creative MUSE!

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As I promised on my blog, my project is this fun and ecclectic CD Pin.  Learn how to work with CD's and use TS Mixers with 3D Crystal Lacquer for shimmery color and as an adhesive!

Terri Sproul Shimmer Mixer's Set
3D Crystal Lacquer

Working with CD's:

Creating with CD's (or DVD's) gives you a surface in which to create jewelry. 

You will need:  A clip or oven mitt to hold CD, heat tool for stamping, and scissors (more utility, not used on paper).
     *Use the clip to hold CD or hold CD with the oven mitt. 
     *Heat CD for 30-40 seconds to get it hot.
     *Once heated, immediately cut the shape with scissors.  The CD might break, but don't worry the shapes are always interesting.  Drill a hole with a Dremel Tool or Hand Crank Drill.
     * Let the CD piece cool and then clean surface with any cleaner.  I use permanent ink cleaner.


Creating the Art:

1.  Mix the color/colors of TS Mixers with 3D Crystal Lacquer.  I use a palette cup to do so.  The ratio I used is 3 parts lacquer and 2 parts mixer.  I want the consistency a little thicker so I can push the elements into the surface.

2.     Use a palette knife (or any tool you want like old credit card, foam brush, etc.) and "frost" the surface of the CD.  Use one color or mix a couple!

3.  Press a small piece of art mesh into the surface first.  I have different sized beads and types, with and without holes.  Gem particles and Glitter Pieces work great with this design!  Stock up on a lot of different Sakura products to have on hand when needed.  Use an awl or tweezer when needed to push various pieces into the surface.  Do Not Cover The Hole you drilled.  Let dry.

4.  Edge CD with a color of Metallic 3D Crystal Lacquer.  It adds contrast and dimension to your art.  I went over the mesh following the lines with metallic lacquer as well.  Let dry.

Note:  If you are impatient on letting your lacquer dry (especially in humid states) Sakura Hobby Crafts has a UV Light which will dry your projects quicklly.

5.  Take 19-22 gauge wire, string beads and charms, attaching it through the hole of the CD.  Once it is all set, adhere a pinback to the opposite side of the CD so you can wear it!!!  The photo doesn't reflect the beautiful shimmer of the art.  Blingy without being too Blingy!!!

I am really Happy to be a part of this team.  I love to do unusualy art, lots of mixed-media and altered.  Even beyond that, when I want to create a dew drop or tear; Sakura products are there to help me create the way I want!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Until March 19th, enjoy the wonderful works of the DT!!!  Enjoy and may your March Shimmer.


  1. Lea--I love this piece of jewelry!! You've inspired me to try something with an old CD.

  2. GREAT project Lea! We always seem to have lots of CDs or DVDs laying around anymore, we can create jewelry for ourselves and others with them. THANKS for sharing!

  3. This is wonderful. Love using CDs too.

  4. Great idea! So many old CDs Around!

  5. I loved your tutorial, I will have to try something like this, now that I know how to do it, thanks a bunch.

  6. Wow loved your tutorial! Loved your project! I will have to give this a try!