Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chirp Chirp!

It won't be long and the sound of birds will be chirping in Easter Baskets everywhere, pastel colours will rule the world and chocolate will fill our bellies with goodness. We celebrate Easter here in a BIG way, however, with all the snow that has fallen lately, we are unable to get into our storage unit and bring home our Easter decorations. Therefore, I've been forced into a crafting frenzy this past week. Everything I make must stand up to constant handling and years of being boxed and stored. Hence todays post is brought to you out of shear desperation for some colour and cheerful reminders. 

Easter just wouldn't be the same without some sort of Easter Egg(s) would it?

So I made these eggs and this cute basket to at least get a sense that Easter would soon be here. 
- Paperclay
- Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer -
- Terri Sproul Shimmer Mixers -
- tissue paper

1. Mold your egg out of the Paperclay, let this harden for a few days, then sand smooth.
 OR you could use plastic eggs and use the mixers to recolour them if you'd like to have a certain colour egg.
2. To achieve one solid coloured egg, simply mix a small amount of the 3D Crystal Lacquer with the mixers and apply like a paint to your egg. Let dry and decorate.
3. I used the same technique I used earlier this month with a twist. What you need to do is sprinkle some of the Shimmer Mica color onto a tissue paper.

4. Spray the tissue paper with alcohol spray, let dry.

5. Spray on a thin coat of 3D Crystal Lacquer onto your dried tissue paper to set the colour.
I did this by pouring 50% water and 50% 3D Crystal Lacquer into a spray atomizer as shown below. 
This worked really well for spraying the paper in a nice, light and even coat. But make sure you wash out your sprayer when you are done. 
Let the tissue paper dry completely before going onto the next step.
6. Rip small pieces of the coloured tissue paper and apply the tissue to your clay egg with a small paint brush , use the 3D Crystal Lacquer to adhere your paper and to put the finishing coat on the eggs. You might like to put on a couple of coats of the 3D Crystal Lacquer. Let this dry and embellish or leave as is. 
The really good news is that my home is filling up nicely with some cheerful decorations, that are easy to make, economical and long lasting. They almost look real, LOL. 

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  1. Love it Lee! Great Job! love the colors and technique. Thanks for sharing!

    Warmly, Peggy