Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Bubbly!

Shaped cards are really fun to make, and can have a big impact. This wine glass and bottle is from Flower Soft, but I decided to jazz it up a little using Sakura Crystal Lacquer. When, I noticed the wine in the glass, it was a given for me that I would like to add a layer of Crystal Lacquer over it, to make it look like liquid. To further embellish things, I made a medallion/greeting for the bottle. I stamped my image onto cardstock. Then I used the Copper Lacquer to trace over the lines of the stamp. The metallic lacquers are thicker than the clear and colored ones, so it really added some height. I let this dry completely, then I covered over the area with congratulations using the Cerise Lacquer. Again, I let this dry, and then covered the entire thing with a coat of Crystal Lacquer. It almost looks like Cloisonne when it's dry.


  1. So cool- love the clos effect and the shaped card ideas

  2. Beautiful Aileen! It's actually a reaction between the Crystal Lacquer and the Krylon Leafing. It will also happen with Glossy Accents & Diamond Glaze.
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