Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peel off Stickers

I got this brilliant idea! Don't you just love when that happens!? Remember, you can click any photo to see it bigger... and you may want to! :)

I have these peel off stickers from Elizabeth Craft Designs. If you're not familiar with them, they are like sticker stencils. They're really awesome! You stick them to most any surface, and you can "color" in the lines with virtually any medium! So I got a little crazy!

On with the projects!

I love the stained glass idea. So much, I tried to create it with Copic markers, peel off stickers, and Crystal Lacquer. I stuck the Flower Circle Frames to the glass piece and then colored the image. When it was done, I covered it in Crystal Lacquer. The Copics and the Crystal Lacquer didn't do too well together on the glass. But, I still LOVE the way it turned out, and it's gorgeous in my window!


I LOVE the way this turned out. I used my Copics again, this time on Eco Art Board. After coloring the Eco Art Board, I sealed it with Crystal Lacquer. Since I only applied Crystal Lacquer in some areas, it's given the finished piece a really beautiful texture.

For this piece I wanted to play with different ways I could create a Christmas scene of sorts. So I used some of the jewelry findings Sakura offers. I used the trees from ECD's Christmas Cupcakes. I filled the tree with Crystal Lacquer (just in the areas I wanted green... I still wanted the lines to be visible) and sprinkled on some glitter. I added some Flower Soft to the bottom of one tree to make it look more like there was snow on the ground. To do that, I used Crystal Lacquer, added the Flower Soft, allowed it to dry, and then added more to create some depth. To finish it off, I used some Crystal Coarse glitter to give the illusion that it was snowing. 


You can also use Sakura's Colored Lacquer. A piece of advice... (learn from my mistakes in other words!) allow the colored lacquer to dry completely before attempting to cover it in Clear Crystal Lacquer! I didn't let the colored lacquer dry long enough before covering it with Crystal Lacquer and I'm not thrilled with the results. I know if I would have just been a little more patient, it would have turned out great!!

I would love to see what you create if you try this technique! Feel free to share a link here, or add a photo to Sakura's FaceBook page!

Thanks so much for visiting today!! 


  1. On the Stained Glass - You mentioned they were stickers..Is the backing they are originally on clear or white (opaque)? Since the back is sticky you might try coloring from the back and then sticking it to the Glass and then 3D Crystal Lacquer on top which would not blend with the color....just an idea...Smile.


  2. Fun projects Jessica, thanks for sharing!