Sunday, April 8, 2012

Basket of Tissue Roses with Terri Sproul's Mixers

We are into full-force spring here in Texas and I love all the flowers a-bloom! My favorite part of this season is bringing these beauties into my home and having them near me. The only problem with real flowers is they eventually wilt, dry up and need to be composted. So today, I bring you a cone basket filled with hand-made tissue flowers that need only be dusted from time to time!

To create the cone, I began with Versamark watermark pad,
Shimmer Aquamarine Mixer and Bronze Mixer, and a couple
of swirly stamps that I enjoy.
I stamp the first swirl with the versamark onto my purple card
stock and "pounce" on the bronze mixer.
I wipe of the bronze mixer dust with a paper towel to reveal
the beautiful swirls.
Next I stamp with Versamark the 2nd swirl and "pounce"
on the Aquamarine Shimmer. I love how the Versamark picks up
the glitter of the shimmer Mixer.
Again I swipe off the remaining Mixer dust with a paper towel.
This piece of card stock is now ready to be cut into a circle
and made into a cone basket.

The basket needs some tiny shimmer flowers,
so I paint some plain white paper with the
Purple Shimmer and the Rose Pearl Mixers
and Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Flowers are then punched out of the dried lacquer swatches.
They are adhered to the cone with Crystal Lacquer and a lacquer
center is dotted on with the end of a brush.
To make the tissue flowers, fold 4" squares of tissue paper in half
twice. Tie the folded tissue squares together with wire, and open the
tissue flower back up, scrunching as you go.

To color my tissue flowers, I created my own spray
using Rose Pearl powdered Mixer, water and some
gum arabic to bind the color to the paper. I used a
mini mister to mix in and spritz my tissue paper flowers.

Once dry, I smooshed the tissue flowers a little more to get the look
I wanted for my flowers.


A bit of ribbon makes the cone ready to be hung anywhere in my house.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my project!


  1. I love today's project! Thanks for sharing alternative uses for the TS Mixers - off to make some blossoms ; )

  2. Very cool - I really need to get some Gum Arabic (I used my last a couple weeks ago.) Great project love the flowers :)

  3. Lovely Cone... Love the color of your roses... great tip making your own mists from the Terri Sproul Mixers!

  4. This is Beautiful Leslie love it thank you so much for sharing and giving us great ideas for those Terri Sproul Mixers rock