Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sakura Crystal Lacquer - Paris Gift Tag

This tag would make a great embellishment on a package or gift bag for a special occasion!

For the tag I cut a section of a napkin with the Eiffel Tower to use for the front of the tag. Separate the napkin layers (usually 3).  Moisten a Q-tip and outline the areas of the napkin to tear making uneven edges.  Cut canvas 5x7, fray edges by pulling threads.  On the front side, cover canvas with Sakura Crystal Lacquer mixed and Terri Sproul Mixers - Citrine Pearl.  Carefully lay the Eiffel Tower portion of the napkin on the lacquer.  Once the napkin touches it is there to stay (try to move and it will tear).  Layer lace on the canvas using Sakura Crystal Lacquer.  Add Glitter Glitz to the lacquer mix and paint over lace and around edges.  Let it dry before working on the back.  When dry the canvas will be stiff.

On the back use Sakura Crystal Lacquer with Terri Sproul Mixers Aquamarine Pearl (the color from the front side distorted the color and it looks green). On the painted canvas add a piece of sheet music, ledger paper and a section of the napkin, cover with the lacquer.  Sprinkle with fine glitter.  Adhere fabric and flowers with Sakura Crystal Lacquer. Dry throughly, preferably over night.
Center top punch a hole and set eyelet. Add a swivel clasp with chain. Tie ribbons on the clasp. Now you have a beautiful tag to adorn your gift!

Sakura Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers
    Terri Sproul Mixers Citrine Pearl
    Terri Sproul Mixers Aquamarine Pearl
    Terri Srpoul Glitz Effects - Vintage Glass
    Terri Sprpul Ultra Fine Glitter
Paper Napkin
Piece of sheet music
Piece of ledger paper
Petaloo Flowers
Tim Holtz - Swivel Clasp

For more inspiration visit my blog: Dreaming of Castles
Happy Crafting! ~Lyneen


  1. very pretty, love all the texture

  2. I think your tag is beautiful. I also love Paris images and this tag is no exception. Very pretty.

  3. very nice. you did a great job.

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