Friday, July 6, 2012

Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

By Amanda Marks

Today I am taking using some found objects as well as bottle caps from The Bottle Cap Company to create a wind chime.

1.  Materials:
  • Old DVD/CD
  • Fiskars® Butterfly Punch
  • Fiskars® 1" Circle Punch
  • Terri Sprouls Mixers (Shimmers)
  • 15 Bottle Caps
  • Pokey Tool
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Jump Rings (lots - 75)
  • Bakers Twine
  • Acetate
  • Ruler
  • Spray Paint
2.  Mark off lines 1 1/2" and drawn lines.
3.  Poke holes 1/4" from the edge (there should be 5 holes).
4.  Mark a dot on each side of the bottle cap.
5.  Take a pokey tool pierce through the metal of the bottle cap.
6.  I wanted all of my bottle caps the same color, so I took spray paint and spray painted everything.
7.  Allow the spray paint to dry.
8.  Taking a 1" Circle punch and punch 15 circles.
9.  Take 3D Crystal Lacquer and add one circle to the inside of each bottle cap.  Add a mixer of Crystal Lacquer and Shimmer to Acetate.  Allow acetate to dry.  Take mixers and lacquer mixer and add to the inside of the bottle caps.  Allow the bottle caps to dry.
10.  Take butterfly punch and punch butterflies out of the acetate.  Add butterflies to the inside and the outside of the bottle caps with 3D Crystal Lacquer.
11.  Allow Crystal Lacquer to dry.
12.  Open jump ring.
13.  Place one jump ring through the hole.
14.  Attach a second jump ring to the first jump ring.
15.  Attach the other bottle cap to the jump ring.  Repeat until you have 1 - bottle cap on 3 jump rings, 2 - bottle caps hooked together, 3 bottle caps hooked together, 4 bottle caps hooked together, and 5 bottle caps hooked together.  Attach the bottle caps to the DVD with jump rings.  Take Bakers Twine and attach 5 pieces of twine to the top and create a hanger.  Hang outside.


  1. They are very creative love them for no reasons

  2. Oh !! wow!! what a creative mind!! :) Garden ornaments uk