Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art Saves

torsolamp2 torsolamp1
Art Saves
Supplies Used:
Paper Mache Torso (craft store) Lamp fixture & Blub *Optional
Copper Wings Stand for your Torso *Optional
Terri Sproul's Mixers (Red Satin, Bronze, Pearl Green) Rusty Chain and Keys
3D Clear Crystal Lacquer Screws or Brads for Wings and chain.
Gold Leafing Pen Nylon Throw Away Brush
Rub-Ons & Lettering *Optional Awl and Scissors
Step 1: Mix equal parts of the  Red Satin and Bronze mixers together and begin liberally painting them onto your torso using a throw away brush.
Close up shot of the patinaed technique on the torso (click to enlarge)
Step 2: Once your torso is dry begin applying the green pearl mixer over the rust in streaks and rub in with your finger (you want to give it an uneven streaky look like patina is). Step2A: Once the lacquer is dry using your gold leafing pen follow these previous directions  (step 8) in applying  HERE.
Step 2B: Once dry apply at 2 coats of the clear 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Step 3: Once the torso is dry again apply rub-ons and lettering as desired (if you do apply the above mentioned items cover generously with another coat of 3D clear Crystal Lacquer.
Step 4: For this project I chose to use real copper embossed wings that first coated with the mixers using the same process in Step 2 an 2A.
*Optional Steps*
Using your awl and scissors poke a hole and cut away excess to be able to fit your lamp fittings into the neck and on the side or back for the cord to come out of.
For my lamp fitting I used pieces from an old lamp. The collar the blub fitting fits into was a part off of my husband's old drill that I colored with alcohol inks.  Use what you have around, if possible. If you don't know how to do wiring (like me) ask someone that does for you, or you can buy a night light kit that is all in one.
For the torso stand I use a piece of rebar and an old faucet handle. Look around at what you have you'll be surprised at what you might be able to use.
I chose to use a bulb that flickered
like a candle to give it a vintage look.

**Don't forget if your going to CHA to stop by
Sakura Hobby & Craft booth #844 to see the
new mixer line and this project up close

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  1. AWESOME!!!! Love your torso. The mixers are perfect!!!

  2. What a great creation this is! I can't believe it is not metal.
    The mixers are so cool.

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow!! This is just beautiful!!

  4. This is great. It reminds me of the one I made earlier this month.

  5. Thank you so much, yes the mixers really do look like metal using my patina technique!

  6. You come up with the most original ideas. It's amazing.

  7. This is one cool project! I love everything about it!

  8. That is "wicked awesome" !! Love it , great job !!