Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday Art

My friend has had this frame hanging out in his house for a long time and I've been DYING to alter it! It's white with a slight distressing.

And here's a close up.

And here's what I did. I used some colored lacquer to enhance the features of the frame.

Here's a detail shot. If you look closely at the frame, I used Terri Sproul Mixers to create the silver inside the frame. I mixed a little Black Lacquer, with a little clear Crystal Lacquer

I had this great idea... I have three little kids and I thought it would be fun to make some Easter eggs we could keep year round. I went in search of plastic eggs and would you believe, I couldn't find a single one? So we went in search of an egg shape and we found something! I covered it with clay, and allowed it to dry for a few days. In the process, it cracked. :( Once it was dry, I covered it with the same silver from the frame. And added a little more Terri Sproul Mixers! After those layers dried I added some colored lacquer and this is what I came up with... I'm going to have to figure out how to do this so it doesn't crack!

I hope you've enjoyed my projects!!


  1. What a beautiful frame. The egg looks similar to a Fraberge Egg! Have fun with the eggs!

  2. Just beautiful Jan! I love that frame especially. Oh I would so love to get my hands on some of those mixers!

    Hugs XX