Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Steampunk Copper Fly Away Necklace

Fly Away
Supplies Used:
3D Crystal Lacquer
New Terri Sproul's Mixers-Coming Soon!
Gears and Brads
Square Glass Tiles
Brass Bail
Ball Chain
Washi Paper
2 Die Cut Kraft Torsos
2 Die Cut Kraft Wings
Gold Leafing Pen
Black Stazon Ink Pad
I'm very excited about Sakura's new products.  You must stop by Sakura CHA booth this year #844 to see their exciting new product line!  What I really love about this new product is that I was able to achieve a patinaed copper look on paper without having to use smelly chemicals!
Although, it is truly hard to see in my pictures it really does look realistic enough that it fooled my husband who works in metals!
Definitely stop by booth #844 to see this necklace up close!
Step 1:  I started off with 2 die cut kraft torsos...1 plain and one embossed with gears.
Step 2: First cut off the stands on each of them.
Step 3: Using a plastic throw away brush paint your red satin mixer on the embossed torso (I did this on top of plastic).
Step 4: Once the red satin is slightly dry Paint the green Pearl mixer in streaks over the red satin. Don't be afraid to use your finger and work it around and really give it a patianed look. Set aside to dry.
Step 5:  While your painted torso is drying cover your plain torso with washi paper and set aside.
Step 6: Take your dried patinaed torso and lightly run it across a black Stazon ink pad. Wiping off any heavy areas.
Step 7: Pump some gold leafing paint onto a piece of plastic paper.
Step 8: Next lightly slide your torso across the paper hitting the high points of your embossed design.
Step 9: Next go back in with more green and red of the mixer if desired then once it's dry add a layer of clear 3D Crystal Lacquer and allow to dry.
Step 10: Add another layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer and while its still slightly wet add your gears with brads, and any other elements you might like (I also added a copper chain I had, and a red heart to give it a pop of color). 
Step 11: Next fill with more 3D Crystal Lacquer over the heart.
Step 12: Add your glass tile over the heart and adhere your bail to the top of the torso and allow to dry.
Step 13: Repeat torso patina process on a pair of embossed wings and once dry adhere them to the torso.  Next adhere the washi covered torso to the backside of the torso. 
steampunktorsoOnce your necklace is completely dry add your ball chain and wear your Steampunk necklace with pride!
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