Thursday, September 20, 2012

Faux Stained Glass Medievalish Candle Holder

I love the 3d Crystal Lacquer! I have been experimenting with things I can do with it. Mix it with Terri Sproul Mixers and wowza! For this projects I wanted to try to use the mixers with the 3d Crystal Lacquer to make a translucent paint. Add that the a glass candle holder and you have a great faux stained glass piece.

Paper punch- Punch Bunch Fleur de lis & Recollections Star Burst
Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer
Terri Sproul Mixers- Jewel Effects Shimmer Powder- Shimmer Violet & Gold Dust
Contact Paper
Glass votive ( from dollar store)
Q tip or Finger tip ( my personal favorite)

I start by paper punching some Fleur de Lis and star bursts from contact paper. I buy my contact paper at the dollar store, because I am all about making affordable crafts.

I first placed the Fleur de Lis stencils on the votive and went back afterwards and placed the starbursts, but you could put them all on at the same time. I was still planning out my design when I started.

Now mix some of the 3D Crystal Lacquer with the gold mixers. The thicker the better. My first one was too thin and it ran a little under the stencil. I ended up tapping my finger in the lacquer and then picking up a little gold. That seemed to be the perfect combination. Then you can tap back into the gold if you want it a little darker and/or thicker.

Pull the stencil off when wet. That is why it is best if it is a little thicker, so it will not run after you pull it off.  If it runs a little, it still looks fine, because the lacquer tends to run when it is thinner (without a lot of mixers), and thus is more you barely see it after it is dry anyway...

I then went back and put the violet starbursts.
I used the violate mixers for the star burst.
My votive has a nice medieval feel to it.

Again, if you plan your design better, you can put all your stencils on at once.

And when you are done, you have an elegant votive painted with translucent shimmery lacquer. I love it!

Tanya Ruffin

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  1. Love the votive holder!! Great technique! Love finding new ways to use my punches!