Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas and gifts with Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers



I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the holidays lately. I decided to try to get a little head start on the little gifts. I started out with the following:

2003-02-15 11.59.45  Can you see the wooden bracelet? Well I mixed up some Crystal Lacquer with the extra fine glitter and Terri Sproul Mixer/ Gold and painted it. I put two coats on it and it came out looking wonderful. I’m glad I have a couple more bracelets that I can paint to give as little gifts!

While I was at it I painted a paper mache’ ornament that I had with the same Gold Mixture that I painted the bracelet with. Here’s a picture of both finished pieces:

2003-02-15 17.17.52                2003-02-15 17.18.18

Doesn’t that Gold and Glitter just look gorgeous? I loved how they turned out, how about you?


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  1. Your gold ornaments would look great with my Blue & Gold ornaments!