Sunday, September 16, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Pendant

I made a simple project this week.

That means I need to definitely step it up for my next post, but I've wanted a multiple sclerosis awareness bracelet, necklace or some sort of jewelry and figured no time is better than now. :)

(3 pieces of white brass pendants, only used 1)
Light orange beads from my stash
Orange ribbon from my stash

1. First mix the Terri Sproul mixer (citrine) with 3D Crystal Lacquer until you get the consistency and amount you need.

2. Then add the Color Enhance Effect.

3. "Paint" the white brass pendant. It ends up being like a yellow like color.

4. Take a ribbon of your color choice and according to the awareness you are trying to represent. I chose orange to represent multiple sclerosis since I have MS. I know that orange also represents other things as well.

5. Glue the ribbon down to the pendant and cover it and whole pendant with 3D Crystal Lacquer.

6. Use beads and fill in the areas that have no ribbon on it.

7. Clip off extra ribbon from the edge of the pendant.

And now I have my MS Awareness Jewelry!

Hope this helps anyone interested in trying it themselves.

Thanks for looking!


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