Monday, October 15, 2012

Beaded Pen

I was at work the other day and saw a beaded pen and thought about making one for myself rather than go out and buy one.
I will say it's a lot more work than I expected yet worth it.
Here is my beaded pen and yes it does work and is actually comfortable to use.
Wax paper or something to put your work on for a mess
Pen (any kind)
1. Get any kind of pen and put it on a surface that can be cleaned easily because the Lacquer and beads are going to be messy.

2. Then put the Lacquer on it and roll it in the beads.
3. You will need to let it dry some because the beads will be sticky and many will fall off. After it dries some you are able to add glue to the areas that are bare and add them to those spots.
4. Then add some of the Sakura 3d Crystal Lacquer all over to seal the beads in place.
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