Monday, October 1, 2012

Breast Cancer Ribbon Pendant

Welcome to October!
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month
so I plan on trying lots of different things out this month with ribbons and making ribbons.
I figured that I would start off with making a necklace with a pink ribbon.
I think I should've used a lighter background so the ribbon would have stood out better but still happy with the way it turned out regardless.
Pink Ribbon
Hemp Cord
Pink Cardstock

Use 3D Clear Lacquer to adhere the ribbon to the glass piece and the cardstock to that.
Attached the pink polka dotted ribbon to the back with lacquer.
Ran hemp cord through it.
Mixed 3D Lacquer and the pink sapphire pearl mixer down to as light of a pink as I could get it and brushed it over the top of the glass piece.
Note: If trying this I would go for a darker pink ribbon and something other than a pink cardstock background such as white so it shows up much better.
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