Monday, October 29, 2012

Mini Frame

Mini Frame
I must begin by saying I tried to make two things but didn't take into account that the mold for the second project was deeper so would take longer to dry and pulled the piece out and apart. Oops!
I tried to make my frame with a Halloween feel and the other project as well.
Martha Steward Molds
Paper as background from The Robin's Nest
 Plastic Spoon
1. Take a clean mold and put in the shimmer red all around with the spoon. It doesn't take very much.
2. Then randomly pour in different areas the color enhance effect.
3. After that finish filling up the mold with 3D Crystal Lacquer.
4. Take the other end of the spoon (straight part) and light mix together the 3 mediums.
This is what the mold will look like. I only did this method with the frame.
The other piece which was a raised rose piece I only used the shimmer red and 3D Lacquer and it came out a very rich color and was beautiful until wet parts of the rose fell apart.
So if doing a deep mold allow for at least two days to dry.
5. Allow the frame mold (shallow mold) overnight or longer if needed to dry.
6.Then slowly pull the pieces out and if they need some excess cut off because of overfilling then lightly trim.
5.Afterwards I adhered a halloween type paper and then used the Lacquer to adhere the stand to the frame.
You could also put a letter in a frame for a monogram or a picture.
I just loved the look and color that came from it. It is very flexible and has almost a pearl like shimmer to it.
I enjoyed learning how to use these products in a mold and plan to try them out in my own homemade molds soon.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

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