Monday, June 24, 2013

Airbrush with Pearl Mixers

Airbrush with Pearl Mixers

I own an airbrush system and wondered if I could airbrush with Pearl Mixers - Well the answer to that is YES YES YES!

The first thing I did was set up my airbrush system. I needed to use a top load airbrush for this job. 
I mixed about a teaspoon of water and about a 1/4 teaspoon of Pearl Mixers in a container and stirred this mixture very well. I poured this mixture into my airbrush. 

I had all my supplies, Prima templates, fabric, ribbon and paper ready to start airbrushing.

You can see here in the photo below just how much fun I had.

Some things you need to know about this process.
- Pearl Mixers will smear on paper and aren't photo safe so make sure you heat set (fabric) or seal your paper.
- Pearl Mixers can be mixed with alcohol or water.
- Airbrushing thru lace is a lot of fun!
- Make sure you mix your mixture really well, you don't want to clog your airbrush.
- Clean your airbrush immediately after using.

Here are some of the finished pieces.
 The background lace and ribbon were airbrushed. The bird was made using Pearl mixers and 3D Crystal lacquer.
 The ribbon turned out very well.
 Airbrushed canvas - Pearl Mixers and Pens.

So you don't have an airbrush system? Thats ok, you can achieve the same effect by using one of those little pump atomizer bottles. 

You can find the Pearl Mixers and 3D Crystal Lacquer HERE
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  1. WOW Lee!
    This is FANTASTIC post & inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Love how this turned out Lee! Lovin the color scheme too
    Couldn't Love You More... Sooo Sweet! Great Job!!