Thursday, June 27, 2013

Belt Buckle Redo

Good morning, Brenda here and welcome to my second post of the month for Sakura Craft and Hobby.  I cannot tell you how much I love using the 3d Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sproul Mixers.  I'm not much of a painter, but if I were, I would paint the world with these two items.

Today I want to show you the difference in colors.  I purchased this belt at a closeout store.  I think I paid 50 cents for it.  I loved the detail in the buckle and new I could "fix" it up.  I just really wasn't too keen on the metal look, but I loved the design of the buckle.

I mixed the Interference Lilac Pearl with the 3D Crystal Lacquer and just painted the buckle with it.  I missed and some got on the leather part of the belt and I LOVED the color it gave.  Sometimes oopses are happy mistakes.  Anyway, so you can see what the difference in the "color" there is depending on what you are applying the "paint" to.

It turned out soft on the metal part.  I love the "lavender" color on it.  Now the leather on the other hand became very bold.  I just love the contrasts and it's the SAME color.  So in a round about way, you could have multiple colors using just ONE color.  More bang for your buck!!!  I added a few crystals because I have to have bling and created drab to fab.  Tell me what you think?

You have a couple of days left to get 20% off your order when you purchase any of their products here using the coupon code crystal06.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my transformation of the cool belt buckle can't wait to show you my next project next month.  You can always come visit me here anytime.


  1. AWESOME idea for sure! LOVE how different the same colour turned out on that belt. GREAT JOB Brenda & THANKS for sharing!!!

  2. I love the way the Crystal Lacquer looks on the the metal and on the belt!

  3. this is so pretty, now you've got me thinking about what I can refurb around here. TFS

  4. Awesome and how Pretty! Good Job Brenda!!