Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ancient Relic - Pearl

Another embellishment and how different ways of using Terri Sproul Mixers with or without 3D Crystal Lacquer can effect the appearance of finished art work. 

This embellishment is casted with Paper Clay.  I worked TS Mixers- Pearl into the surface, blending and mixing some colors together.    The look achieved is an ancient coin. 

After working TS Mixers - Pearl into the surface, I used  a touch of clear 3D Crystal Lacquer in a light coat to add a little more to the effect of metal.  Because of the properties of the Paper Clay, you would use one heavy coat or several light coats - HOWEVER - in this case, one sparingly small coat is done.  It gives the metallic look, without making the embellishment TOO SHINY.

I tend to mix colors and experiment with how the colors mix together to form another color or look!  Some days I'm in a mood for total shiny, so I combine my TS Mixers with 3D Crystal Lacquer, and on other days, I like to use the mixers by themselves.

There are millions of combinations that can be created, millions of different looks.   Shimmers will give you a shear, light look.  The Pearl is of course pearl shimmer but also opaque.  Using 3D Crystal Lacquer will totally change the look, metallic, glass, or other type looks.

Quick, easy, techniques can transport your art in ways you never thought before.  Express your inner creative spirit, while getting compliments on what you design.  So many will ask, "How'd you do that?"

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


  1. Wow looks ancient Lea! Great job!

  2. Lea - this looks like a vintage coin! AWESOME. THANKS for sharing!