Monday, June 3, 2013

Pearlized Votives

For this project, I coloured the 3 votives I have in the house. These are actually wine glasses that I found at the local thrift store.
I started with just the 2 small ones, and liked the effect.  Each one is different.
The one of the right, I thought I'd be smart and use the heat tool to dry the pearlized 3D Lacquer - it created a cracked texture of the lacquer.
The second one was the one on the left with the diamond sequins set into the drying lacquer.
The large one, I added the paper onto the votive before adding the coloured 3D Lacquer.

I used the Lilac Pearl applicator in the Metallic/Pearl set of 3D Crystal Color Lacquer set
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It is thick, so I poured some out onto my plastic paint palette along with plain 3D Crystal Lacquer. Mixed well.
I started to cover the outside of the glass votive (you need to do it on the outside so it doesn't burn) by rolling it in the mixture, then used a stir stix to add more all the while rotating the glass.
Once they were totally covered, I set them upside down for a few minutes, then right side up.  I kept doing this to try to get a marbleized effect until it wouldn't move anymore.  As I said before, the first one, I used a heat tool to set the Lacquer.

For the larger votive, I wanted to add paper to see how it would look.  I coloured some vintage book text with a Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastel - Blue Green colour.  
I, used my finger to spread the oil pastel, then cut out the 2 hearts.  
I glued the hearts onto the glass with the 3D Crystal Lacquer, covered them with clear before adding the pink sapphire (from the Terri Sproul's Mixer - Jewel Effects Color set) & 3D Crystal Lacquer, mixed well. I used the stir stix to clear off the heart a little.

I added the diamond sequins into the coloured 3D Crystal Lacquer while it was still sticky. To the bottom of the glass, I punched a 1.75 inch circle of heavy cardstock, glued it underneath with 3D Crystal Lacquer.

I added a piece of satin forest green ribbon to the textured first one.  For the Heart one, I gathered a wide piece of lace, tied it around the stem, then added the gold cording for a bow.

I like how they turned out and I am thinking of stopping in the local thrift store this week, getting a couple more glasses and try different colours of the 3D Crystal Lacquer.

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  1. Great Job Dale! Love the idea.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. those are very pretty candle holders, great job, I would love to try marbling something with the mixers. Great idea!