Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making Crystal Lacquer Ornaments with a Silicone Mold

Locket 4 (791x800)

There are lots of silicone molds in the craft stores lately.  Sakura Crystal Lacquer Pens are perfect for filling in tiny spaces in these intricate molds!

Sakura Crystal Lacquer Pens
These molds are flexible, so make sure your mold is sitting on a flat surface when you pour.  I set mine on an empty plastic package so I could move it after I filled it.  The Sakura pens come in lots of colors, and there’s even an empty pen so you can mix your own colors with Terri Sproul Mixers!  The tiny tip is perfect for filling in all the details in these little molds!

Here are my ornaments setting up:

Mold 2 (800x704)
I added some patina to a vintage brass locket with Vintaj Quartz and Onyx Patinas using a small paint brush.  I added some of the Vintaj Onyx Patina to the fleur de lis. To give it a bit of an aged look, I rubbed it off of the high areas of the ornament, leaving it in the low areas.

Patina (800x427)

I used clear Crystal Lacquer to adhere the fleur de lis to the locket.  Then I sealed the entire outside of the piece with clear Crystal Lacquer, applying it with the small paintbrush. Then all I had to do was put it on a chain!

Locket 2 (800x710)
Now is a great time to try this project or one like it, because you can get 20% off your entire purchase at Sakura Hobby Craft for the month of August.  Just enter aug08 at checkout!


  1. WOW, I wondered if this would work and you've answered my question. Great job. Your necklace is stunning.