Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Glass Tile Pendants!

Holly Pendant5
I made more really easy pendants!

To make a pendant like these, you need one of Sakura's glass tiles and matching bezel cupCrystal Lacquer and an image that fits the tile.

The glass tiles are available in rectangular, square and circular shapes.
Glass tiles (800x439)
There are bezel cups to match.  There are also bails you can glue right onto the glass tiles. 
Bezels (800x600)
I made two pendants.  They both use scrapbook paper.  One is heavy cardstock paper from Graphic 45.  The other is thin paper from Sandylion.  They both worked well!
Holly Pendant by Karen Lackey
Mickey Mouse Pendant (600x800)
You could use almost any paper, and I think fabric would work fine, too.  I think this would be great with a map featuring your hometown or some of your favorite text. 
I sealed the images with Mod Podge.
Choose images (800x324)
You could trace the shape of the glass tile onto your paper and cut the paper to fit, but it’s really easy to just adhere the glass tile to the paper with Crystal Lacquer and then trim it when it starts to set up.  Crystal Lacquer comes in a bottle with a small dispenser tip that is perfect for squeezing out small amounts.  I lightly coated the back of my glass tiles with Crystal Lacquer.  I didn’t spread the Crystal Lacquer all the way to the edges of the tiles, because it sort of gets squished out when you put it down on the paper.  After coating the tiles, I placed them where I wanted them on the paper.  The tile wants to slide around on the Crystal Lacquer, so you’ll want to hold it in place for a moment while it settles.
Adhering the image to the glass (800x399)
Once the Crystal Lacquer started to set up, I trimmed the paper with scissors.
Trim the image (800x331)
Then I coated the back of the paper lightly with Crystal Lacquer and set the tiles down into the bezel cups.  I used a wet paper towel to wipe away a little Crystal Lacquer that got squished out.
Insert image in bezel cup (800x508)
And that was it!  All I had to do then was put the pendants on chains.  Sakura offers ball chain in several finishes.  I added a brass chain for the brass finish bezel cup.
Holly Pendant2
I live in a really dry place, and I could make these in the morning to wear the same evening, but in other places, you’ll want to let the Crystal Lacquer dry for at least a day or so.

Just think!  You can make this pendant with absolutely any image you want!  I hope you will try it.  Now is the perfect time, because for the month of July, you can get 20% off your total purchase from Sakura by entering coupon code Summer07 at checkout!