Sunday, September 18, 2011

Add a little bling to your cards!

Happy Monday my Lacquer loving friends!!

I'm kind of excited... this week I created some bling using German Glitter Glass! I used a jewelry finding from Sakura. Then I filled the bottom of the jewelry finding with Crystal Lacquer. I sprinkled in some of the Glitter Glass, and then topped it off with some more Crystal Lacquer (you can NEVER have too much lacquer!). I let it sit overnight before tying it onto my card.

I also added some Crystal Lacquer to the "O" (pumpkin). It gives it some dimension and a really nice finish!

I love using Crystal Lacquer on my cards. There are several others I've used the lacquer on... here are a few...

On this card I actually coated the whole butterfly image in Crystal Lacquer before rolling it in glitter!
(You can view this card HERE)

And on this card, I've added some Crystal Lacquer to the balloon and to the polka dots! 
(You can view this card HERE)

For this card, I used the Lacquer as an adhesive. I put down the Lacquer and put the flower soft on top.
(You can view this card HERE)

I hope you'll consider using Crystal Lacquer on your cards! Not only is it a great finish, but it's a great adhesive as well!! 

Hope you'll be able to fit some time in for your Crystal Lacquer! Would love to see what you create!

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  1. Love all your cards Jessica, great job showing what CL can do!