Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fridge magnets.

Happy Monday friends!! I'm pretty excited for todays post. I've made some magnets! It's pretty simple, but, it makes a GREAT gift, especially birthday, Christmas, etc. 

So, I started out by going through a magazine. YES, a MAGAZINE! I like to find craft magazines, catalogs, etc. Things that will have small patterns, perfect for bottle caps, which are 1" in diameter. If you have something particular in mind, you can also look around online and find great bottle cap graphics.

Bottle Cap Co has some BEAUTIFUL images, they're a little expensive, at $10 per sheet, however, totally worth it considering the number of images you get, and how many times you can use them. I've got my eye on their Halloween pages. They're gorgeous, and I just found the company by googling "digital bottle cap images". 

I started by punching four little circles from heavy card stock.

 Then I used Crystal Lacquer to adhere the layers together, making them sturdier.

Now that the four circles are attached together, I can add some Crystal Lacquer to the top layer and attach the magazine cut out. 

Here are all five layers (four card stock layers, one magazine layer).

Next, add some Crystal Lacquer into the bottle cap. Just enough to fill the bottom of the cap entirely.

Now, put the stack of papers in the bottle cap and fill it with Crystal Lacquer.

I like to use E6000 to attach the magnets to the back. After 24ish hours, it's ready to use!

I added some glitter to my cap as well, because the image said "happy birthday" and since we celebrated my daughters 6th birthday, it was perfect! 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll try out the bottle cap art! It's so easy, and lots of fun, and again, it makes a great gift for anyone of any age! 


  1. Thanks for a great tutorial on the cute magnets.

  2. How fun! LOVE this! Thank you for inspiring!