Saturday, September 17, 2011

SAKURA ® Time Gears Charm

SAKURA ® Time Gears Charm

by Gloriann Irizarry


1 Gem Crafts Kit


1 Watch face

I used for this project the big square jewelry finding.

I started by coloring little swirls with black SAKURA ®.

I followed by adding some of my favorite copper tones.

Accent it with the silver tones some here some there not a perfect pattern just where your heart desired.

for best results let is dry over night.

You can add the gear on the charm whereever you like. I chose to add 3 small copper gears on each corner and add the watch face plate on the top left corner for accent piece.

Once you have your arrangement in place cover it entirely with the 3d Crystal SAKURA ® for protection and glossy end look.

Let it set overnight.

Once dry grab your favorite jump ring to add to the finding .

Get some ribbon and it will be ready to wear.

For this scrapbook style variation all you need is to create the background the same way you did for the Time Gears.

Once dry you will use your old favorite index card photos.

Cut and place photos the way you want the final piece to look and pour over some clear SAKURA ® .

Add you favorite accent pieces and let it set overnight.
I love to scrapbook so this piece will show case it every time I wear it.

This piece is very simple all you need is to create the background the same way you did for the Time Gears.
Then add you favorite colored SAKURA ® Don't let it dry over night.

Pour immediately some Twinklets Diamond Dust on your charm. This is glitter made out of clear glass. It will mix with the background bringing the wonderful colors right out.

When the light hits it it will really sparkle beautifully.

I love this quick variation. All you need is to pick your favorite colors of seed glass beads.

Pour some 3D Crystal SAKURA ® inside the jewelry finding and then add the glass seeds to the charm arranging them however you want. Let them lay flat and dry overnight for a very fashionable look on the next day.

I hope you enjoy this listing and feel free to make any suggestions or comments.

sincerely always,

Gloriann Irizarry