Thursday, September 8, 2011

Give Your Layouts Their Own Jewelry!

I love making my own embellishments for my projects, and usually that means flowers or rosettes, but I decided I love to wear jewelry, and I'm sure my layouts would like a little bling of their own. So, I'm going to show you how to make a very Nouveau inspired page jewelry.

Step 1. Run a small piece of craft copper through your Cuttlebug with and embossing folder.

Step 2. Cut a scrap of cardboard to the desired size and shape of your finished medallion.
Add Scor-tape to the back.

Step 3. Wrap your metal around the cardboard and adhere with the Scor-tape.

Step 4. Add some color by swiping over the raised areas with Staz-On ink. Let dry, and then cover the entire tile with Sakura 3-d Crystal Lacquer. Let dry completely.

Step 5. Take a round jewelry finding and back it with a patterned paper of your choice. Don't worry about this being to precise, the edges will be covered over, with a border of the Metallic Gold Crystal Lacquer.
Step 6. Add a chipboard motif to the center of your pendant. Then, completely fill in using the Clear Crystal Lacquer. Take a toothpick, and pull a little bit of the gold to the center, so that it is not such a well defined border. Allow to dry, and glue to the tile piece. You are now ready to add this to any project that you would like!


  1. Beautiful layout and nifty jewelry made with your lacquer and metal!! So pretty!

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