Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ceramic Mermaid Tile

  • Micro Beads (Gold and Orange)
  • Mini Starfish and Shells
  • Extra Fine Glitter Dust
  • Gold Metallic Pen
  • Mermaid Image & quote (color photo copied)
Step 1:  Start with a white
glazed ceramic tile and 3D
Crystal Lacquers.
Step 2: Apply the pearl blue
and dark blue colored 3D Crystal Lacquer across the tile alternating colors.
Step 3: Apply a layer of clear
3D Crystal Lacquer over the
colored lacquer and blend and
smooth with your finger.
Step 4:  Apply the pearl green
3D Crystal Lacquer starting
3/4ths the way down the tile
to create an ocean floor depth.
Step 5: Next while the lacquer
is still wet sprinkle micro beads
and extra fine glitter dust along
the bottom of the tile. Allow to completely dry.
Step 6: Add accents to your
photo copied image using the
3D colored and pearl lacquer to
create depth on your image
and set aside to dry.
Step 7:  Once your tile is dry
apply a thin layer of clear 3D
Crystal lacquer and ad your
quote you've copied and
cut out to your tile.
Step 8: Next add your image to the wet tile and apply a liberal layer of 3D
Crystal Lacquer over your entire tile.
At this point you can also add your mini starfish and seashells to the wet tile as well (**If there are any air bubbles you can use a straight pen to pop them). Set aside to dry in a draft free level area.  Once dry repeat process as desired.
Step 9: Once the tile is dry
completely color all four edges
with the gold metallic pen to
finish your piece.
You can use a mini easel to
display your tile or you can
glue a hanger to the back 

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