Monday, February 6, 2012

Altered phone case

I live for practicality. Simplicity. Beauty. I love products that are versatile and reliable. With Crystal Lacquer, you know you're always going to get a great quality product.

I love my iPhone. It's never too far away. Well, except the few times I've misplaced it... but, shhh... ha! Anyways, I really love the Speck cases and how plain they are. Leaves room for me to alter the heck out of it! I saw some rub-ons and I knew they would be perfect to decorate my case. But, making sure the rub-ons don't 'rub-off' was the most important part. With Crystal Lacquer, I knew it would be no problem...

My case... plain Jane. 

I've added the rub-on.

I like to use my fingers when covering a large area.

I squeeze a little on, and rub it all over.

Making sure to cover every area, with even coverage.

Then I let it dry! 

I love my new case! Especially now that it has a little "me" on it! My hubby liked it so much he wants me to decorate his case as well! So now, I'm on the hunt for some masculine rub-ons! 

What have you altered lately, did you use Crystal Lacquer?

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