Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Steampunk Photo Holder

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Valentine Steampunk Photo Holder 

Supplies Used:
Artist Trading Block (ATB) Nylon Throw Away Brush
Terry Sproul's Mixers (Bronze & Pearl Green) Die Cut Frame and Flowers
3D Crystal Lacquer (Clear) Sparkplug
Gears and Brads

Plastic Knob

Camel Tin

Step 1:  Paint your ATB with  both the bronze, and the green mixer.  Repeat until you achieve the desired color you like and set aside to dry.
Step 2:  Clean and then paint the base of the tin (set aside the lid for another project). Set aside to dry.
Step 3: Assemble your lid to the base of the ATB--turn the knob over and attach with a washer and a screw to the tin and the base of the ATB.
Step 4: Drill a hole big enough for the gauge add adhesive and insert it into the block.
Step 5: Drill a hole for the sparkplug.  Add adhesive and insert into the hole.
Step 6:  Once your gauge and sparkplug are secured and dry.  Lightly paint with the mixers.
Textured Frame
Step 7: Set the die cut frame onto a piece of plastic and paint one side with the bronze mixter and let it dry.
Step 8: Next paint a coat of the green mixer over the bronze.
Step 9: Before the green layer is dry press a piece of textured paper on top of the wet frame and carefully lift off and allow to dry.
Step 10: Once dry follow my gold leafing pen process I used previously (HERE). Next add 2-3 coats of clear 3D Crystal Lacquer and allow to dry.
Step 10A: Follow the above process for the die cut flowers-omit the clear lacquer coats.
Step 11: Assemble your frame with the picture and add any other embellishments you wish to add.
Here's the backside of the ATB showcasing the steampunk flowers with the gears added.
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