Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mixin' It Up with Sakura, Terri Sproul's Mixers and ATCs

I will be the first to admit I have two new addictions. The first are these small little pieces of art known as Altered Trading Cards [ATCs]. The second is Terri Sproul's Mixers--I just can't stop sticking them into  Sakura Hobby Crafts Lacquer products. I hope you enjoy these awesome effects you can achieve with Terri's Interference Mixers and Gold Dust.

This started with me die-cutting some ATCs from my Tim Holtz Alterations die.
I cut them out of 1/16th inch acrylic. I attached and trimmed where necessary
Outlines stickers from Starkraft. I did this with a technique for some
Holiday ATCs this fall and loved it! I had to update the look with Terri's Mixers
Rather than adding the Mixers to 3D Crystal Lacquer, I picked some colors
of the 3D crystal color lacquer to alter. Wait until you see!!
The "green" was a much darker green with the Pearl Green in it and the gold
is yellow with Gold Dust in it. The colors are so pretty and intense. I love the
pearlescent effects the green takes on with the Mixers.
On the side with the outline sticker, I color in the petals and leaves with the colors
mixed. I add just a smidge of the gold to some brown lacquer and paint the centers.
For the Dragonfly ATC below I colored on the sticker side with teal colored lacquer
with lilac pearl mixer added for the wings. The purple wings used the purple glitter
colored lacquer. The bodies of the dragonflies are black with Blue Pearl Mixer--YUMMY. 
Then on this butterfly I decided to fill the Blue Pearl mixed in black over the
wings of the butterfly. The butterflies body was filled in with black straight up.
I really loved the reverse of this one and decided to do my background
treatment on what is normally considered the front. Wait until you see!!!
The background is mainly transparent but has spots
 of shimmer where the interference is.
This one shimmers blue or purple pink depending
on how the light hits it.

Where the light areas are on this one, the background
has the glitter pink and it sparkles...the spots where the
Mixers were splattered into the wet lacquer make the little
spots of color...kind of like inclusions in rocks. Very fun!!

I hope you enjoyed my ATCs. The transparency and shimmer is just amazing on the acrylic ATCs

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