Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Your Grunge on...

Grungy Heart Shrine creating your own grungy textured heart shrine.  When I created this grungy shrine I used the same color mixers as I did creating my Fly Away Torso Necklace and my Art Saves Torso Lamp

Supplies Used
Plain Canvas
Stazon Ink Pad
Metal Shrine
Rusty Elements
Key Hole
Textured Background Technique
Step 1: I started with a white blank blank canvas and painted it with *black gesso.  *I used gesso because I wanted a matte finish.
Step 2: Using a mixture of the, copper,  Bronze and the pearl green  Terri Sproul mixers I painted triangle sections on my canvas using a *plastic throw away brush. *Once the mixer dries it will harden and ruin your brush, it's better to use a cheap throw away brush.
Step 3:  I used a plastic comb to draw texture into the wet mixture.  Use whatever you have around.

Step 3a: Once you've combined the colors by combing through the wet mixture set aside to completely dry.
Step 4: Once again paint your mixture onto the dried canvas this time add dots of of the gold jewel effect.
Step 5: Using the end of  a paint brush or stick draw swirls into the wet mixture  blending the gold dots and allow to dry completely once again.
Step 5A:  Once your canvas has dried completely add 1-3 layers of clear 3D Crystal Lacquer over the entire canvas.  This will fill in areas and give even more depth to your canvas.
Sides of Canvas
Step 6:  Add some layers of washi tape to the sides.
Step 7:  Paint the sides with more of your mixture and a couple of layers of clear then allow it to dry completely.
heartshrinestaz Step 8: Now that the canvas is dry using a Stazon ink pad swipe it over the top and the sides of the canvas to give the piece a more grungy worn look.
Step 9: Draw an x on the backside of your canvas big enough to fit your shrine into.
Step 10: Cut an x into the canvas using an Xacto knife.
Step 11: Fit your shrine into the canvas.
Step 12: Glue the backside of the shrine, weight it and allow to dry.
Step 13: Next cut I cut some complementary Washi paper and glued it inside the shrine.
Step 14:  Using paper clay I created a heart and allowed it to dry.
Step 15: I then colored the heart using Copper Kettle Color Mists.
Step 16:  Next fit and adhere your heart inside your shrine.
Step 17.  add a rusty chain for a hanger.
Step 18:  And add a few rusty embellishments connected to chains so that they hang down from the base of the shrine.
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  1. So many cool techniques all wrapped up in one project! I love all your tips but was really struck by your cutting the canvas to insert the shrine, that never occurred to me but it is so amazing looking! Your paperclay heart is wonderful & I love all of the textures in the background!!!

    1. thanks Cathy, I should have posted a before picture of the metal shrine it had a box sticking out the back that I cut the canvas to fit that part of the shrine into the canvas so it would be flesh with the canvas. My bad for not showing that so it would make more sense.

  2. I agree with Cathy about cutting the canvas! What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and techniques. Beautiful art work!

  3. This is a great. My creative juices are flowing. Thanks.

  4. Your creations here are so fabulous! I love this shrine.

  5. This is really amazing!! I love it!

    Hugs XX

  6. Gosh, I would have been very nervous to cut the canvas after all that work. Great (and bold) idea. The result is lovely!