Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sakura Hobby Craft & Terri Sproul Mixers redo a cheese container!


Our oldest son and daughter-in-law were just here for a  week before the son leaves for a year’s tour of Afghanistan. When they got here my daughter-in-law emptied a container that had little wrapped cheeses in it. I thought that was an unusual shape and that I could make something with it so I asked her for it. Here’s what the original container looked like:

Sakura Hobby Craft Post 5-24-12 002

Nothing especially fancy about it now was there? LOL I started out by mixing some Gold TS mixers with the Sakura Crystal Lacquer and applying several coats to the inside of the container.Sakura Hobby Craft Post 5-24-12 003 That looked ever so much prettier in person, but you can see that it really looks nice. The lacquer on the inside of the container gave it a lot more stability too. I then used some Faded and Worn scrapbook paper on the outside of the container. I used the lacquer as a glue to hold the paper to the container and then covered the paper with the lacquer to seal it. Now the container had a lot of stability and didn’t resemble that cheese container at all!

Sakura Hobby Craft Post 5-24-12 004

Once everything was dry (which didn’t take very long at all) I embellished the piece with some stick-ons and also with a tag holder in which I added the word “Believe”. I thought this container turned out with a masculine feel to it which is what I had hoped for. I think it would make a nice little container for holding little manly things in, what do you think?

Sakura Hobby Craft Post 5-24-12 011       Sakura Hobby Craft Post 5-24-12 014

Father’s Day is coming up you know! This wasn’t hard to do and the mixers and lacquer are very easy to work with.




  1. Love your altered cheese container... It is a great Fathers Day gift idea!!

  2. Very fun! I love the embellishments you used!