Monday, May 21, 2012

Steampunk Your My Little Pony with Sakura ®

Here is another example of the My Little Pony project with diferent 3D Sakura color scheme. I used here the Terri's Sprouls Mixers Pink Pearls and Blue Pearls for the tatoos and green pearls and black for the eyes. Sparkles with swarovski crystals.


  1. Wow, how exciting these projects are! I love them! Great projects!

  2. I am wondering if fancy is going to let me alter one of her ponies...very fun project

    1. OMG! That is so funny she might not mind at all at the end she will end up with a OOAK Pony. Trick for you. Tell her she will get to name the new pony. I work like a charm for my 4yrs old she love tto be able to name her. Her mane turn out to be Princess Charm. Not bad for a 4 years old. :0)